February 14, 2023 at AllinOne Collective’s Portal, Brooklyn, New York
February 14 - March 14, 2023 on Accessible Objects
Curated by Blair Simmons, Maya Pollack, Molly Ritmiller, and Silvia Beatriz Abisaab
WHY IS EVERYONE BREAKING UP NOW is a pop-up art installation dedicated to love and the aftermath of losing it, opens on Valentine’s Day. Artist and curator Blair Simmons channels a broken heart into her own art and has curated the show through an open call for submissions from other broken-hearted artists on Hinge.

Titled “WHY IS EVERYONE BREAKING UP RIGHT NOW?,” the art installation debuts at AllinOne Collective’s Portal at 164 20th Street in Brooklyn and is one night only on Tuesday, February 14. The artists contributing to the show found inspiration in the ashes of burnt relationships or lost loves, and have been encouraged to experiment with mixed mediums – including but not limited to objects that remind the artist of the lost love, letters, trinkets, writings, sculptures, sketches, unfinished thoughts, photography, or mutations of the items left behind in the aftermath of love lost. Artist and educator Blair Simmons rashly joined a dating app, Hinge, in the days following her breakup with her partner of seven years. Realizing it was too soon to seriously begin swiping, she decided to transform her profile into an open call for an art show for other heartbroken souls. “It really does feel like everyone is breaking up. My home is filled with time capsules, fragments of a time past. This pain has to go somewhere, and I’m not the only one feeling this way,” says Simmons, “The show is designed to bring the disenfranchised together to grieve and channel their rage, pain, tears, or emptiness into something you can hold – a visual representation of the feelings you want to purge from your body. I look forward to bringing this community of lost souls together, together we might take the steps we need towards healing and closure.”

The works below were shown during the in-person exhibition at the AllinOne Collective's Portal in Brooklyn, NY on February 14, 2023.
Blair Simmons is a queer + anxious artist, researcher, storyteller, and technician working in as many mediums as will have her. Her research often materializes into objects and performances which have been performed at the likes of Blanc Gallery, Pioneer Works, La Mama’s CultureHub, Wordhack at Babycastles and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She has taught at CultureHub’s CoLab, Harlem School of the Arts, Children's Museum of the Arts and is currently teaching at NYU’s ITP/IMA.

Molly Ritmiller is an interdisciplinary artist/designer composed of an intricate web of people who have supported, befriended, encouraged, and educated her. She has a wide ranging background as a designer, teaching artist, photographer, fabricator, chef, and research fellow. She is currently thinking and writing about edges, what it means to be kin, and looking closely at the knotted web of vital materiality we coexist in.

Silvia Beatriz Abisaab is an artist and arts administrator. She received her BFA in Photography at the Kansas City Art Institute in 2016. Silvia utilizes photography and video to collaboratively work with individuals and organizations. Silvia is currently based in New York, New York.

Maya Pollack is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. She is currently teaching and advising students in the NYU Studio Art program. In her artistic practice and work with students, the question of how we care and empathize is of critical concern to her. She is currently exploring modes of shifting perspectives, suspending disbelief, and time travel.
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