babyman studio
babyman studio
babyman studio
Rockland, ME, USA
babyman studio creates an array of objects using the visual vocabulary of the collective unconscious. The studio strives to make our offerings accessible to a wider public by providing a transparent, time-based breakdown of production practices. babyman gives individuals the opportunity to acquire objects based on their own assessment of how they value labor / how their labor is valued by others. Hopefully this exploration of individual autonomy, open communication and trust-building leads to more generative forms of engagement between artists and their broader communities.
What is your favorite design book?
Permaculture, A Designers' Manual, by Bill Mollison. Okay, I haven't read the entire book start to finish -- the thing is a tome -- but it feels like we need to rethink what a sustainable future looks like now more than ever. "Design" is most interesting to me when it focuses on how a functional object or system operates most efficiently, while extending beyond its intrinsic function in order to relate to its surroundings. Bill gives the wonderful example of how a window needs to do more than just let light in. Any old window filters light, but a well-designed window addresses its environment as a participant striving to produce more positive energy than it loses during its lifetime. We as humans need to start being more like well-designed windows.
What is your favorite design object?
Alexandre Noll armchair, circa 1947 — There is something wonderful and dreamlike about a furniture object carved out of a single piece of material. By using the direct-carving method, Noll exhibits his reverence for mahogany by accentuating its inherent characteristics as opposed to imposing a form onto the wood. We might ask, Is this sculpture, furniture or both simultaneously? The chair performs as a playful byproduct of the harmonious dance between Noll and the natural world. The undercurrent of risk involved in using a reductive technique, where one can't undo or re-fabricate a component of the finished object, makes the chair feel even more alive.
Alexandre Noll Armchair
Permaculture, A Designers' Manual