Bernita Ling
Bernita Ling
Bernita Ling
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Bernita is a multidisciplinary designer, with a background in interior design as well as graphic design and user experience design. Bernita is interested in creating useful, but unexpected objects, spaces, and experiences that will provide new perspectives and alter attitudes towards the mundane.
What is your favorite design book?
I don’t read a lot of design books. I prefer other mediums: one of my favourite series on Netflix is called ABSTRACT, where each episode profiles a different type of designer (toy, fashion, interior, etc). As a designer it is interesting to see the similarities across multiple design disciplines, but more importantly the series educates people on the depth of design, design thinking, and the effect design can have on people. Museums are also a great resource, design is three-dimensional and should be experienced as such. The Noguchi Museum is a breath of fresh air in Queens, NY and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark is another great one. The design work in both of these places interact with architecture and nature in such a way that creates a harmony between the built environment and it’s surroundings, creating a conversation of how design can be a part of our lives rather than just what we look at.
What is your favorite design object?
Blowing Chairs by Seung Jin Yang. This collection of resin chairs constructed out of balloon shapes is playful, unexpected, and extremely tactile. Taking something nostalgic and giving it a new purpose while defying our ideas of what balloons should do – that’s magical. Image source: The Future Perfect.
ABSTRACT, Noguchi Museum, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Blowing Chairs