Elias Båth
Elias Båth
Elias Båth
Stockholm, Sweden
After his degree and thesis "Dead Ground," Elias developed a practice close to materials and their life cycle. From a research perspective, Elias approaches industries and their residual materials, analyzing the production from extraction to landfill. Most of his projects are based on a material and its journey, how it can be shaped into a spatial experience or a diagram of the journey and its end.
What is your favorite design book?
Why Materials Matter by Seetal Solanki. Published by Prestel
What is your favorite design object?
‘Chair [iii]’, by Dozie Kanu, 2018. I won't speak for Dozie Kanu because I don't know his thoughts on this chair, but I like it because it has a simplicity that's close to ingenious. You relate instantly and that is pleasing for at least my mind. I love this kind of adhoc design because there is a humor to it that the world of design needs, something I want to become better at myself.
Why Materials Matter
Chair [iii]