John Junior Kim
John Junior Kim
John Junior Kim
Brooklyn, NY, USA
John is a mixed media artist and designer based in Brooklyn, NY, driven by an intrinsic curiosity towards materials and a desire to create satisfying compositions. John's practice dwells within the categories of painting, sculpture, and furniture. The useful objects he creates emphasize comfort and intuition. They are honest pieces that present themselves plainly and offer lessons into the characteristics of their materials such as how wood grain rolls or how an opal refracts light. Alongside these, he creates paintings and sculptures that come together through entropic processes of material addition and subtraction. These works are less calculated and often serve as emotional releases, or explorations of form and color.
What is your favorite design book?
Accident Factory. Perhaps narcissistic, but honestly it's my own book. I worked really hard on it! (I also don't really read books about design). My book called "Accident Factory" is about the potential for beauty in accidents, and catalogues my personal pursuit of un-intent through a series of art experiments.
What is your favorite design object?
A classic cheap metal clamp light. It's incredibly functional and accessible. Also one of the most important things about lighting is versatility which it really offers.
Accident Factory
Metal Clamp Light