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Paper, Binder's Board, PVA Adhesive
1.5 D x 9 W x 24.5 H cm (0.6 x 3.5 x 9.6”)
Not available for sale
To inquire, email hello@accessibleobjects.com.
What appears to be an empty sheet of paper folded between two blank hardcovers is a book made for breathing. A lightweight fan that will rest in your palm. You can open and close it in a variety of accordion shapes allowing you to experience a meditative pause, a moment away from the screen, a respite from peripheral noise.
I imagine this object in an oasis in the desert. In a submarine.
Sébastien Jarquin is a graphic designer and artist concerned with what language looks like, storytelling, systems, and crafting dynamic reading experiences. His creative practice covers commercial and self-initiated design projects manifested on screen, in print, and as physical objects. He holds a Bachelor of Communications Design from Pratt Institute and works currently as a designer at Loeb.nyc mentoring early-stage companies and enhancing their digital products and strategy. He loves to collect rocks, scrap words, and printed materials.
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