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Each year more than 60 billion animals are slaughtered globally - one billion in Britain alone. Therefore, animal remains present a constant and significant waste stream. Abattoir waste consists of blood, bone, fat, skin, hair, animal trimmings, and urine, all of which can be hugely problematic to the environment by overwhelming natural eco-systems on our land, in our rivers, and in our oceans. Through the crafting of everyday functional objects, these Hidden beauty objects aim to not only practically reduce the mountain of waste we generate every day, but also to help change our perception of it, both as a valuable commodity but also culturally as something that doesn’t need to be discarded.
Where do you envision seeing this object?
I would imagine this object on a Vegan’s dining table.
91% slaughter waste (bones, skin, blood), 9% polyurethane resin
Unique / approx. 8.5 D x 6 H cm (3.35 x 2.36")
Clemence is a French-born Material Designer based in London, UK. Clemence has an academic background in Industrial Design and graduated with an M.A. in Material Futures from Central Saint Martins in June 2019. With a hands-on approach, Clemence aims to change our perception of raw materials, by re-engineering their qualities, and eventually relocating them into new worlds. As a material designer, Clemence's work consists of challenging typical craft techniques and exploiting innovative manufacturing processes.
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