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A low tech responsive object which reacts when the user completes its circuit. The circuitry is embedded in the object, therefore the more it is used, the faster it will die, unable to be recharged or resurrected. It is suggestive of a human bodily form, though the form in no way serves its functionality, bringing the tradition of presuming robots to one day assume human form into question: robots don’t need to look like humans (what makes a robot a robot? Carlo Ratti’s abridged definition requires just three things: a sensor, a processor, and an actuator). Furthermore, in questioning what qualifies a robot, one begins to see the myriad ways they already surround us. OBJ2 - a suggestive bone form, hand casted in resin, which allows you to see into its body where there is an embedded light, wires, and battery; (the light is triggered when turned over/around).
Where do you envision seeing this object?
Held in hands, it is meant to speak to the human hand and heart, to be cradled and turned all around, reacting via tilt switch to this interaction and creating a relationship between the electronic and the imagination.
Hand Casted Resin, Battery, Lightbulb, Wire, Paint
5 D x 11.43 W x 5 H cm (2 x 4.5 x 2")
Created by
Molly R
Molly is an interdisciplinary designer composed of an intricate web of people who have supported, befriended, encouraged, and educated her. She contains multitudes, exploring her ideas across mediums and industries as a designer, teaching artist, photographer, fabricator, chef, and research fellow. She is currently thinking about what it means to be kin, and looking closely at the knotted web of vital materiality we coexist in, and wholeheartedly recommends the film "Babette’s Feast."
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