Izel Maras
Izel Maras
Izel Maras
New York, NY, USA
Izel Maras is a multidisciplinary designer from Turkey currently based in New York. She specializes in digital design, graphic design and creative coding. Currently, she is working in-house at Verizon, helping the design team build a unified digital visual brand; before Verizon, she worked at frog Design as a Visual Designer. She is most interested in the computational aspects of design. In her personal time, she illustrates.
What is your favorite design book?
Bauhaus by Magdalena Droste, Taschen. The first time I learned about the existence of design as a field was in 5th or 6th grade when I learned about the Bauhaus school. I was very obsessed with everything about it. I was able to get this extensive compendium on Bauhaus only as an adult and practicing designer. For me it represents a full circle from me a design enthusiast to a designer.
What is your favorite design object?
Jean Prouvé for Vitra Compas Direction Desk and Standard Chair in Red. I love desks. Desks are my happy place. This desk is the hail Mary of all desks. The way Jean Prouvé‘s designs bring together metal and wood, merges two of my favorite aesthetic tendencies, nature-inspired and industrialized. I love to visualize myself on this desk (and chair) against a view making something.
Compas Direction Desk