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Easy Man is a 3D sculpture. He is designed to be used as a friend in Augmented Reality for those who are stuck at home during the Pandemic without friends and family. Link to AR Viewer: https://www.vectary.com/viewer/v1/?model=5ba2ad3c-4f1e-4d88-b2ee-594457da85c8&env=studio2
Where do you envision seeing this object?
Would love to see him everywhere. Hanging next to the family cat, on the couch watching Netflix, working out on a yoga mat, in the washing machine...
Featured in:
First Edition
Digital Ceramic
10.6 D x 41.9 W x 46.2 H cm (4.2 x 16.5 x 18.2")
Created by
Izel Maras
Izel Maras is a multidisciplinary designer from Turkey currently based in New York. She specializes in digital design, graphic design and creative coding. Currently, she is working in-house at Verizon, helping the design team build a unified digital visual brand; before Verizon, she worked at frog Design as a Visual Designer. She is most interested in the computational aspects of design. In her personal time, she illustrates.