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Accessible Objects
Curator's Statement

The First Edition of Accessible Objects is the pilot group show that sets the format and tone for the project. Focusing on independent designers and creators who are emerging through nascent practices and experimental projects, the show explores the various definitions of an “object,” from furniture pieces, to a painting, a photograph, and a virtual sculpture.

Each creator chose a piece from their portfolio that they wanted to put forward in order to encapsulate their approach to design, materiality and innovation - serendipitously connecting to one another through an interpretation of landscapes, the body and material research. The resulting assortment is highly personal, sensitive and rich with technique, process and contextualization. From cork, to alabaster, oak, leather, resin and canvas, the objects in this First Edition exude a sense of softness, and definitive connection to nature, as a place where materials grow and become molded into art. Through the story of these objects, we become more aware of the processes that infuse our surroundings with form, function, beauty and strangeness.

Accessible Objects was born out of a desire to render design accessible to everyone, and to offer a strong platform for the next generation of creators to show their work. This inaugural edition is a celebration of the many forms design objects can take, and of the many talents and imaginaries that produce them.

Featured Creators
Harry Chadha
Orli Hakanoglu
Izel Maras
Charlie Wynter
Bronsin Ablon
Maximilian Thuemler
Blair Simmons
babyman studio