Mark Hepworth
Mark Hepworth
Mark Hepworth
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Mark Hepworth is a New York based designer. He is passionate about concept driven design, and the intersection between art and design. Without much classical training, he brings a fresh perspective that draws from experimentation with material and art. In addition to furniture design, he is interested in hi-fi audio, dance music, and runs a small ice cream company called Creamy Boys NYC.
What is your favorite design book?
Diane Simpson: Sculptures + Drawings 1978-2009. I recently found a Diane Simpson exhibition catalogue titled: Diane Simpson: Sculptures + Drawings 1978-2009. I found the catalogue while shopping for records at Academy Records & CDs on 18th st. in New York. It was very unexpected but I have been loving the book and her architectural approach to art.
What is your favorite design object?
SCREWPOP® Ron’s Utility Knife 3.0. The Screwpop utility knife is the epitome of functional design. Though it isn’t from the same world of design that I aspire to occupy, I love this object. My roommate Quin gave me one as a gift a while back and it brings me satisfaction each time I use it.
Diane Simpson: Sculptures + Drawings 1978-2009
SCREWPOP® Ron’s Utility Knife 3.0