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The vertebrae table lamp is the first piece in a series (hopefully) of modular ceramic furniture. The concept was born from the desire to make large scale objects out of clay while limited by the material and a small shared workspace in Brooklyn. This project aims to demonstrate the warmth and strength of ceramic, a material often seen as fragile, and harsh. This lamp is still in a prototyping phase with hopes of working towards a production level model in the near future.
Where do you envision seeing this object?
I imagine this object in a friend’s home. I love the idea of adding something positive to the lives of the people around me.
Stoneware & Silicone (design still in progress)
20.32 D cm x Variable Height (8" x Variable Height)
Mark Hepworth is a New York based designer. He is passionate about concept driven design, and the intersection between art and design. Without much classical training, he brings a fresh perspective that draws from experimentation with material and art. In addition to furniture design, he is interested in hi-fi audio, dance music, and runs a small ice cream company called Creamy Boys NYC.
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