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As with most of my work, my desire is that the viewer is not influenced by my intentions and can have an independent conversation with the piece. I hope it has something unique to say to each person who it reaches and most of all I hope someone finds themselves able to have an ongoing conversation with the work.
Where do you envision seeing this object?
I would dream to see this object somewhere the sun could reach it, if it wanted to speak.
Acrylic, Plaster, Resin on Wood Panel
3.8 D x 12.7 W x 17.78 H cm (1.5 x 5 x 7")
Created by
Remi Badu
Remi Badu is a Ghanaian-born autodidact, poet, techie, and all-around weirdo based in Somerville, Massachusetts. Badu is interested in the ways we navigate identity and the limitations that language creates in understanding ourselves. Their works are also an exploration of color, light, and time.
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